September 15, 2015

Mobile Technology and the Future of Digital Sponsorship

Digital sponsorship is quickly beginning to define a large part of the sponsorship market. No microcosm of the digital sponsorship world illustrates this more clearly than the mobile space, where brands are beginning to develop creative avenues with which to engage fans.

It’s no secret that much of our future will take place in the palm of your hand. As the mobile space grows, live events are shaping the way their attendees interact with information, other attendees, and the event itself. Every music festival has it’s own app. Innovations such as game day apps and mobile payments during sporting events are growing in popularity.

As events continue to place more of their mobile efforts into connecting with their fans in new ways, brands are experimenting with new ways to be a part of that connection.

Unfortunately for consumers and brands alike, much of the mobile advertising space has long been considered the wild west, as finding consumer-friendly ways to reach fans has proven difficult. Banner ads on cell phones are clunky and unresponsive. However, brands have been finding creative ways to insert their messaging while enhancing the user experience, and Reachsocket is proud to be involved in that process.

We believe that the best form of advertising is one that not only tells a story, but one that creates experiences leading to long-term positive association. A good example of this was the campaign that we developed alongside Sephora, where our solution included a map of Coachella highlighting the location of the Sephora beauty patio. We look forward to creating more of these outside the box mobile solutions for your clients and fans alike.

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