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How does it work?

Monetize your website, mobile, and social media audiences without putting a single advertisement on your channels. Reachsocket enables rights holders to add a lucrative digital component to their sponsorship and brand partnership deals by applying our advanced audience measurement and appraisal technology.

Increase Sales

Reachsocket solves the problem of over-saturating your digital channels with promotional content. Brands are looking to integrate and activate with your fans online, and we make it simple to do just that. Our platform puts your partners ads in front of your fans, on other websites, apps, and social media.

You can sell this new digital opportunity directly to your brand partners (and we'll manage all the advertising mechanics behind-the-scenes) or, have our sales team work with brands who are trying to reach your fans. In any case, you're able to put your digital assets to work in a whole new way.

Give your sponsors more

If you're selling sponsorship or brand integrations at your event, a digital add-on can be the cherry on top to any deal. In many cases, ads on your site aren't delivering enough impressions to give a brand what it wants.

Reachsocket off-site retargeting will amplify the number of impressions you can provide a brand by 10x or more.

Give your partners the chance to maximize their time spent with event fans and attendees and they'll come back year after year.

Protect your audience data

We understand how much work went into building your audience. It's a massive accomplishment to have fans and customers who feel passionately about your event or property.

Other "data management platforms" sync your audience data to marketplaces, where just about anyone can target your fan. We know that the exclusivity of your audience adds tremendous value and believe it should stay that way.

Reachsocket keeps your audience data private and siloed so that only the brands you approve can advertise to your fans.

Protect your audience data as a rights holder.

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